Wednesday, February 24, 2010


New piece for the upcoming show at Distinction Art Gallery "Curious Reminiscence". Showing my stuff along side new work by Josh Taylor.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

BT's new album "These Hopeful Machines" cover art

Last year I was approached by Network Records to do the cover for BT's next album. Over the following 8 months I worked with BT, his label, and art director Gavin Taylor ( in creating the concept and cover art. I incorporated a lot of images that had personal meaning for BT. The idea was to combine organic forms and technological symbols from his life and travels. The result was an oil painting covering 2 canvases 15x45 inches each, butted together to form one continuous image. This became the fold out insert for the CD. I got a copy of it last week. It turned out more amazing than I expected.

As a electronic musician myself, I already had massive respect for BT's talent. Working with him on the cover impressed me further with how down to earth, positive and genuine he is as a person. Needless to say his new album sounds absolutely awesome.

Check out BT's album at Amazon